I like to run, I also like to honor our veterans and active duty service members every chance I get.  Being that Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, I found it easy to join my two favorite things together in taking part in a Memorial Day Run.  I live in Colorado and I’m fortunate that my state has a lot of hiking, biking and running trails up and down the state. In fact, Colorado has been dubbed one of the fittest states in the country.

Now, it wasn’t hard to seek out a run that was happening this upcoming weekend. I did a little searching on the World Wide Web and found a nice event, the “Memorial Day Run & March” being held in Castle Rock, Colorado, this Saturday, May 27th 2017.  Now the great thing about this event is that it provides the opportunity for participants to donate non-perishable foods that go directly to the veterans of Colorado, specifically!

This event is open to veterans, civilians, and active military service men and women to participate in an event that has grown exponentially since its startup in 2015.  It first started out with a few hundred participants, who wanted to pay tribute to our fallen veterans on Memorial Day, by donating food to help feed the local veterans. While giving the participants the opportunity to push and test themselves by choosing to participate in a 5K-10K or a 30 mile Rucksack run, with the rucksack filled with 25 pounds of non-perishable food that would be donated at the end of the run.  The event grew in popularity so much that in 2016, over 26,271 pounds of food was collected and disbursed to veteran’s organizations and food banks specifically setup to help aid our veterans in the state of Colorado.

Once I looked over the event, I wasted no time in signing up and am looking forward to taking part in this special Memorial Day event.  I’m already registered for the 10K, maybe next year, I’ll get myself ready to try the 30 mile Rucksack run and test myself against some real competitors.  As it is, I will be bringing over 100 lbs. of canned food, that I and my friends have donated to this great cause! I will be bringing this along with me to the event start, which is at the local high school in Castle Rock.

So, what are YOU doing this Memorial Day weekend?  Just getting together with family and friends and eating your fill around the grill and picnic table?  Well, I’ll be doing that too later in the weekend, but why not get out and participate in a run/walk event in your town. I’m sure there is something happening close to where you live too. And if you can raise a little more awareness to help honor our veterans, who paid the price of our being able to live here in the US of A, well, I’d say that’s a great way of showing your support for their sacrifice.  Why not bring a couple of family and friends along as well.  I bet after your event is over, you’re going to be able to look back on what you did and have it bring a smile to your face!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! And I hope you have the chance to Thank A Vet. This weekend, for his or her service.