Yes, it’s the Labor Day weekend, and depending on where your living, the weather may be a little unseasonably warmer than usual. Its just been that kind of summer with above average temperatures and high humidity that has been encroaching on just about every state in the country this year. Running still can be fun because when you get right down to it, you’re challenging yourself to do a bit better every time your lacing up your running shoes. Like any sport that challenges your body and your mind, running forces you to keep track of just what and how much fuel (food) you’re digesting so that your body’s engine can have enough oomph in it to see you get through with your workouts.

Running is something a person embraces because it fills them with a sense of accomplishment that only comes when everything is working in harmony. What I mean is that when you’re out there running and really into your groove, you can almost feel yourself on another level, being able to appreciate the landscapes as they pass by, while you’re enjoying that endorphin rush that lets you keep putting that one foot in front of the other.

Getting back to what I began with, it’s the Labor Day weekend and you can or should have already picked a worth-while running event that should be available from just about anywhere your living. After all, running, even walking a 5K, a 10K or even half and full marathons are becoming more popular right now! And they are fast becoming the thing to do on just about any given holiday, or local town event. So finding one close to you to attend should be no big deal, especially when you’re using the Internet! Once you find a particular race that you would like to take part in, why not hit up your friends and get them together so that you all can take part in a great fundraiser while having the fun in running together in a friendly group.

If you have a friend or two that kind of balks at the idea of using their last day of summer to take part in a charity run when they could be on the beach, soaking up the waning rays of the soon to be vanishing summer sun. You can try telling that if they think about it, Labor Day this year, offers everyone the chance to begin getting in the best shape of their lives in order to be able to “Wow” their friends next year when they again see them out there on the sands in their new svelte body!

And leading by example is a great way to get your friends on the fitness course by imparting them with some sage advice on what they need to do, how often and how intense an initial running training routine needs to be. One thing they should get, and you can show them the benefit of having one yourself is a good running watch, if possible, one with a good GPS and even a heart rate monitor to keep things all together. One that fits the bill in our book is the Garmin Forerunner 935 MultiSport GPS Watch  The Garmin 935 is the ultimate tool for dedicated runners everywhere. Whether you are a triathlete or trail runner, you cannot pass up on the Forerunner 935xt. Super concise data is a runner’s best friend and with the Forerunner 935, you’ll have all of the data you need. Multi-Sport dynamics (running, swimming, and cycling), VO2 Max, wrist-based heart rate, recovery time, race predictor, and more. The 935 also offers you more ways than ever to store and track your data. Use automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, or use Strava live segments to turn every run into a virtual race. The FR935 is truly the most powerful Forerunner ever.

Now there you have it, keeping yourself fit and ready to tackle a 26.2 miler is something we can all work towards. But getting your friends motivated to take up the self-satisfying sport of running, well, there really are not enough words to explain how good your going to feel when you see them out there on the trails making their own way, with the right distance as a goal, along with the correct pace for them to work towards.

So, go ahead, let the others gather around that picnic table loaded with barbeque, hot dogs and hamburgers, and maybe some Key-Lime pie. You and your gang are going for a little fitness run first thing, Labor Day Morning,,, after all, in this way you can all work up an appetite and be ready to tackle that table once your done with your run. And you won’t even feel a bit guilty as your chowing down on this last picnic party of the summer. Well, maybe a little guilty, enough to say no to that second piece of Key-Lime pie….

Remember moderation in everything is always something to remember, even if you did just do a little 5K run!

Happy Labor Day from your running friends here at Dirty Girl Running!