At the CES Show in 2015, Mio Introduced their newest Fitness Tracker called the Mio Slice. The Mio Slice was to be a game-changer in the world of Fitness Trackers where Fitbit and Garmin were constantly battling for the top spot.

Developed to work off of their new App and Software called PAI (PERSONAL ACTIVITY INTELLIGENCE), Mio was no longer following the trend of the 10,000 steps a day towards fitness.

PAI was designed to give you a daily & weekly Intelligence score based on your workout activities. The more fitness activity and training you did was tracked, based on your HR intensity, and resulted in a better PAI score. At the end of the week, the goal would be to fill in your PAI grid with a score of 100. So again, the key is that the PAI tracks and reports on accumulated data and scores you based on those results.

Finally in late 2016 early 2017 (after a long wait), the Mio Slice was introduced to the Fitness world for purchase. After going through rigorous testing, the product was launched without any hiccups. Early reviews (Average 3.5 / 5 Star Ratings on Amazon) appearing to be just Average with the reporting of 44% favorable, 43% dissatisfied and 14% Neutral. It appears the most common issue with the Mio Slice is that it is not compatible with many cell phones and OS systems making the software useless to many!

Thanks to our Sponsor HeartrateMonitorsUSA, DGR was able to test the Mio Slice. We found that during a routine Gym Workout, which consisted of a 10-minute warm-up, 60 minutes of lifting and 20 minutes of Cardio we were able to see some PAI results. Unfortunately, our PAI score did not change. The immediate feedback and reward I was seeking were left absent from my workout.

In conclusion, while I was initially excited about the concept of PAI, I found the Mio Slice and its new Software, to be less motivational and discouraging. Based on my testing of this device, it has nothing new and exciting to add to the world of Fitness wearable’s

Perhaps Mio will address these issues in the near future, but for now, I didn’t need to eat more than a Slice of the PAI to determine that this model is not for me.