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Your Passing The Gravy, But I’m Passing On Being Negative!

Yes, its just about Thanksgiving, and most people’s thoughts are geared toward eating turkey with all the fixings. Gathering around the table with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company and maybe watch a little post-meal football. For some that’s an ongoing, year after year tradition. But in your case, on the Thursday morning […]

Listen While You Run

Those of us that enjoy running to be fit often have their own personal style of running, the gear they wear, and the techy toys they take with them. These toys, or really tools, are used to monitor and make their runs a little more enjoyable but also necessary in order to make sure they […]

Made The Decision To Take Up Running? Great! But Know What Your Getting Into.

People take up running for a variety of reasons, some because their yearly checkups have given them a “Wake-Up-Call” from their doctors, informing them that they’ve crossed the threshold of moderately overweight to obese. Other’s felt the need for a “Do-Over” in their lives. They came to the decision to improve their lifestyle and running […]