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Running With High Blood Pressure. Yes You Can, And Should

We have all heard that running, jogging, even walking can help you lower your blood pressure and provide the means for you to start getting your body into a healthy state. Having high blood pressure is nothing to fool around with. But prior to starting out on my running adventures, I was pretty content to […]

Gearing Up For A Spring Race??? Make Sure Your Training For It The Right Way!

Now that Spring is just around the corner, those of us that live to run may be looking forward to our first run of the Spring season. Yes, the winter has been long and cold, and even though you got out as much as you could during the cold darker months, you may still have […]

Want A Great Reason To Run?

How About Having The Cardiovascular System of A 50-Year-Old When Your 70? By now, you’re probably aware of the many health benefits of running. It boosts your metabolism, keeps your muscles, bones, and joints strong, and improves your memory, just to name a few things. But new research has added one more: Logging miles on […]