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You’re A Runner, Join The Crowd! But Have You Found Your Happy Place?

We all like to run for our own reasons, some like the challenge of pushing themselves to achieve another goal of increased distance. Some have taken up running to get themselves to a better place physically. Some to lose unwanted pounds. Some to run just because people who know them think its completely out of […]

Summer Time Running……. Common Sense Do’s & Don’ts

You may have noticed that its gotten pretty hot out there. I mean just about everywhere in these United States. It seems we went from winter to summer in one week, and spring never seemed to make its appearance. With this heat that is coming in waves from west to east, across the country, its […]

How Strong Are Your Ankles?

When we think of running a race, a long-distance marathon, even using running as a way to get in shape or stay in shape, we take for granted that we need to build up our legs, glutes, and core so that our bodies can perform based on the stress we’re about to put it under. […]