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Thinking About Taking Up Running… Just Do It. But Do It Right!

If your thinking about taking up running, for what ever reason. Know first that you can do this! Running, unlike some other sports is a personal commitment that people take up for many reasons. Usually no two people do it for the same reason. Sure, there are a lot that start out thinking it’s a […]

Tips After You Run To Recover Your Flexibility & Stamina

Running is just the thing you do, and to test yourself every now and then you take that leap and sign up for a full marathon. Yes, you’ve done these before, and usually, after you’ve crossed that finish line, you tell yourself that’s the last time you’re going to put yourself through all that training, […]

After Your Run, Are You Stoking Your Furnace With The Right Fuels?

You know, when you’re into running, keeping your body performing has a lot to do with what we are eating. Both before, during and after our runs. While most people that run, including me, take with us our insulated bottles, usually filled with some electrolytic energy booster drink along with energy gels, protein bars or […]