What it is. Empathy, has a few objective meanings but one that fits a runner’s state of mind usually means relating life’s objectives or thoughts, and experience by channeling those feelings in an objectively explicit manner. For some, that’s running, running and running some more.

Life happens, if you’re breathing, expect things to not always fall into a nice straight line for yourself. The secret to dealing with it is how you react and compensate for what happens to you.

Serious running, can put you through the same kind of tests. When you’re a runner, you already have a certain mindset that puts some distance between you and other people. Runners are themselves more of a “Loner” type of person. When you think about it, it becomes obvious since in most of your training, you’re running by yourself. Probably all of the time. When your training 2-3 times a week in building up your endurance levels and the distance goals you’ve set for yourself you can probably say you’re competing against yourself.  In order to accomplish your pre-determined goals you need to keep track of your progress, not only while you’re out on the trails and mountain paths. But also in the time you need to spend on strength and upper and core body muscle groups. So that you have a good complement of muscle groups to help sustain you while you’re out on those trails, especially if one of your long term goals is possibly competing in a marathon.  A good companion while you’re out on the trail is a accurate multi-sport, gps enabled smart watch. One that covers all the basis I need is the Garmin Forerunner 920XT  This Multisport GPS Watch offers the most advanced training features into one unit, like VO2 Max, running dynamics, and live tracking. The 920xt even has smart notifications to keep you connected on the run! So if you’re looking for a smart watch that can take you there and back again, the 920 can definitely do the job!

Getting back to running, if you’re a highly emphatic person. Which means you may wear your emotions on your sleeve, so to speak. You can refocus your emotions on how well your doing in preparing your body for the next phase of a goal process you decided on to help you feel better about yourself and the course your life is taking you.  The good thing about committing to specific goals is that once you reach it. The feeling of accomplishment is your own form of satisfaction. You’ve created your own mile-stone event and you can then reflect back on this achieved high point in your life as your own game changer.

Setting achievable goals is key to empowering yourself. In attaining your goal you go about improving your outlook on what you are able to achieve, and reaffirm the confidence you’ve that you, yourself, are in control of your life.  And meeting each goal will go far for you in other aspects of your life, if. If you embrace the attitude that you achieved your goal for running, you can believe that you can overcome any obstacles that life seems to throw your way.

So the key is to channel your emotions so that you can use them as a catalyst in achieving other milestones in your life.  So, go ahead, get out on that run and channel your inner you!