Check Out The Opportunities Around You!

I think the Fall is the best time for any runner that works hard all year long to either get their bodies into shape or just to continue to allow them to work the way we were meant to move from the time we all dropped from the trees!

I like to run and starting in Mid-September I look around the internet and check out the popular running-specific magazines for, any running events that are near to me that I can perhaps take part in.

After all, I didn’t spend hours, days, and endless amounts of time just to keep putting one foot in front of another, no I do it because I love being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and taking in the great local scenery that I’m able to view as I travel over new trails, either by myself or with a group of friends making it a great outing.

Now, I take my running seriously so I’m always checking how I’m doing against my activity monitor of choice the Garmin Vivoactive Strapless Heart Rate Smart Watch, Touted as a smart watch, it’s my best running buddy. It has a new touch screen developed to be easily read, even in the glare of the noon day sun and its touch screen is easy to use, even when I’m traveling up or down some rough trails. The Garmin Vivoactive has a reliable GPS function built in, which has saved my but a few times, when I’ve strayed off the trail when I was looking to get around an obstacle in the trail.  It had my position pinpointed and I was able to get back on the right path using its synching system to help me find my way.  It’s like having an angel or family member right there besides me. And speaking of family, they can always see when and where I’m at by use of the “Live Track for my family and friends to monitor where I am while I have the function enabled.

Now that’s just being safe, and from where I’m at, you can’t be too safe when running on a trail, for maybe the first time. And despite having a running companion like the Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch, you can also see just how that little muscle, called your heart is doing because this smart watch will monitor it’s readings at your wrist!

Getting back to picking out events that you can enjoy and maybe measure yourself up against your peers, I often take advantage of my job taking me to places around the country at this time of the year. And this year I wasn’t let down at all. I have to be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in October and in doing my research for places to run in the surrounding area I ran across the Runners World Half Marathon Run this October, in a place that makes Christmas felt just about all year long. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  This event is actually a weekend long, 3 day event that will take you, depending on what portion of the event you sign up for, all through downtown Bethlehem and the surrounding area. And with Runner’s World having their headquarters in the area it’s the perfect place to go to meet some of the writers and correspondents who supply articles and stories to this Runner’s Mag must read!

So, how about you?  Did you get in shape, pushing yourself all year long just to get in shape, or are you girl enough to match your accomplishments against like-minded people who run not just for the fun and enjoyment of it all, but to keep pushing themselves a little more each time they lace up their shoes?  Feel free to check out this Bethlehem event by going to its Facebook page  or visit the event’s website where you can register for some of the events that are still open.  Sorry, but by the time you read this the “Grand Slam” event (26.2mile) is closed to new entries… If you snooze you lose, I made my registration just in time. But there are plenty of other half-marathon, 5 & 10K events and did I mention this type of event is family friendly?  It has events geared to small children and even to expectant moms, (Yes, They can run too!).

Now, this is just one event that attracted my attention. And again, I had some business in the surrounding area so I was lucky enough to have enough time to be able to get to this event and still have time for my business appointments.  But you can look around your immediate area for running events that may be happening close to you. Believe me, there are events happening all over the country this time of year. So take advantage of them and use that little know search function “Google” and find one that interests you!

Bottom line is, from now till the end of the year, weather permitting naturally. The Fall and early Winter months are the best times of the year for us runners, to get out there and enjoy our sport.  And usually, we get the opportunity to make some good friends along the way that are just as enthusiastic as we are about running!  And if we’re lucky to cement that friendly relationship,  we can continue to stay in touch with each other, all year long, till we meet up again next year, at the same events.

So go ahead, click on that mouse and search for a running event near you!