It Never Gets Old To Go Over Common Runner Mistakes! Especially If Your A Beginner

If you are a runner, then chances are if you look over this collection of mistakes that people that take up running encounter, your probably going to be able to say you’ve had these same things happen to you. Maybe more than once or twice. All runners make mistakes at some point during their training […]

Instead Of A Basket Filled With Candy, How About Beginning A Fitness Run?

One of the best things about the Easter holiday is that it comes in the spring. When everything is starting over, the early flowers start to pop up out of the ground. Snow becomes only a 4-letter word that we don’t have to worry about for another 9 months. And it begins to start warming […]

Working Towards My First 5K Run

Ok, you’ve been getting out there this past Fall and even into the Winter when the weather permitted and put some miles behind you. Great! Now your thinking that the time might be here when you can dial it up a notch and instead of going solo, its time to try your luck at taking […]