Most People Can Probably Identify You As A Runner, After All You’ve Got the Muscled, Toned Legs Right?

But you better have all your other muscle groups in the same great shape if you want to be able to run the distances you’re striving for. And by that, I mean not only your core but having you concentrate on getting your Glutes, Hips, and Hamstrings in the best possible shape that they can […]

Running #101 – The Basics A Runner Needs To Keep On Hand While Running

Everything starts with that first step, especially running. Now, this little post is going to list out what a beginner runner needs to have, or even take along with them as they start creeping into the 10-mile run and over. After all, when your 15 or so miles away from your starting point, it’s a […]

The Right Fuel You Put In Your Tank, The Less Of A Chance Your Engine Will Quit On You!

We mentioned a few times in recent posts about your being more active in order to get your body to burn off those extra pounds that you may have put on over the winter months. But in order to get the most effective calorie burn going on, you need to be eating the right foods. […]