Using The Cold Weather Months To Prepare For The Spring Running Season.

Yes, the winter season is upon us, the roads are getting slushy and icy, that tingling sensation your feeling around the ears and the tip of your nose, maybe more than just a cold morning run, it could be a warning sign of pending frostbite. And so, what if you can’t feel your fingers or […]

Running And Your Stomach Isn’t Always In Perfect Harmony

Running, especially long-distance running can be tough on your stomach, for some people. In fact, probably more than a few! Anyone with a thing for endurance knows that a long run can be hard on the stomach. In ultramarathons spanning four hours or more, no one is safe; one survey of Western States Endurance Run […]

Made The Decision To Take Up Running? Great! But Know What Your Getting Into.

People take up running for a variety of reasons, some because their yearly checkups have given them a “Wake-Up-Call” from their doctors, informing them that they’ve crossed the threshold of moderately overweight to obese. Other’s felt the need for a “Do-Over” in their lives. They came to the decision to improve their lifestyle and running […]