Yep, I’m A Runner,,,,, But Sometimes Walking Is The Thing To Do

If you’re a runner then you know that training for and taking part in a marathon, half or full, is no easy task. It takes months of commitment to making sure your body is in tip-top shape in order to handle the workload your asking of it. That being said, it also means in the […]

How Strong Are Your Ankles?

When we think of running a race, a long-distance marathon, even using running as a way to get in shape or stay in shape, we take for granted that we need to build up our legs, glutes, and core so that our bodies can perform based on the stress we’re about to put it under. […]

Getting Ready For My First Marathon

Ok, you’ve been hitting the trails, paths, parkways, maybe even the beaches during the winter months, when you could get outdoors depending on where you live that is. You’ve been doing your best at tracking your miles, cadence and time. At least I hope so, I’ve been using a few for a while now and  […]