Getting Ready For My First Marathon

Ok, you’ve been hitting the trails, paths, parkways, maybe even the beaches during the winter months, when you could get outdoors depending on where you live that is. You’ve been doing your best at tracking your miles, cadence and time. At least I hope so, I’ve been using a few for a while now and  […]

Tips From Michael Strzelecki

2018 marks my 32nd year in the sport of trail running and ultarunning. Here are 18 lessons that I have learned from my journey (and I fully understand opinions may vary on these): 1. Running a distance longer than a marathon is easier than people think. It’s the dirty secret of the ultrarunning community- these […]

Is There Enough Gas In Your Tank, To Take You To The Finish Line?

We’ve talked about getting in shape and training your body so that its ready to handle the rigors of participating and having a good showing in a half marathon. But while we touched on what you need to do, we maybe glossed over one important aspect of training that is just as important as the […]