Ok, It’s 2019 And I’m Starting My Running Routine… Again, And Again, And Again….

The corks popped, the ball dropped, albeit, more than a few weeks ago, and along with my friends I made a few resolutions for the New Year of 2019 that I wanted to keep. One of them was to get my act in line (shape) and start a running program again. Yes, I said again […]

2019, Is This Your Break-Out Year?

You’ve been thinking about getting into the running game on and off now for a few years now. Is 2019 the year that it actually happens? You’ve been keeping tabs on the big races like the Boston Marathon or the New York City Marathon and wondering if you have what it takes to tackle an […]

I Put A Garmin 645 Running Watch In Christmas Stocking This Year!

I wasn’t taking any chances on Santa Clause not giving me what I wanted this year, so I took matters into my own hands and when I hung my stocking by the chimney with care, I put a Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS enabled running watch into it! I wanted to make sure that I got […]