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The Right Fuel You Put In Your Tank, The Less Of A Chance Your Engine Will Quit On You!

We mentioned a few times in recent posts about your being more active in order to get your body to burn off those extra pounds that you may have put on over the winter months. But in order to get the most effective calorie burn going on, you need to be eating the right foods. […]

Here’s Another Reason To Exercise, (Running), For Example Can Decrease Your Appetite!

As a runner, we all run for a reason, those who are serious about the sport say they have a feeling of experiencing a “Natural High” as they’re going through their paces. And while we all know that we need to both hydrate and eat sensibly, maybe even while we’re running, depending on the distance, […]

Getting Ready For My First Marathon

Ok, you’ve been hitting the trails, paths, parkways, maybe even the beaches during the winter months, when you could get outdoors depending on where you live that is. You’ve been doing your best at tracking your miles, cadence and time. At least I hope so, I’ve been using a few for a while now and  […]