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If You Like To Run, Then Winter Running Is The Cherry On The Top Of The Sundae!

Running in the winter is probably one of the best experiences I can think of embracing while enjoying my sport. And that is what running really is, a sport. Some or most people may say it’s an exercise ritual, but those that do, never really run for the sheer joy of running. They run to […]

What Do You Mean, You’re Going For A Run? It’s Winter!

I have to smile to myself when I hear this from people that don’t know me very well. My friends and family know that I’m a year round runner and really look forward to the winter season to go for my runs. And why not? Once you get past the cold snap that hits somewhere […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside….. But I’m still Running!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since Christmas, you know the country has been experiencing a massive cold weather attack the past few weeks. And is now only beginning to get back to seasonable temperatures. Now I like to run, but I’m also not crazy enough to run when the temperatures are sub-freezing out […]