If You Like To Run, Then Winter Running Is The Cherry On The Top Of The Sundae!

Running in the winter is probably one of the best experiences I can think of embracing while enjoying my sport. And that is what running really is, a sport. Some or most people may say it’s an exercise ritual, but those that do, never really run for the sheer joy of running. They run to […]

Have A Holly Jolly Run During The Holiday Season!

This time of year when everyone’s thoughts are geared toward shopping, going to holiday parties and get-together’s it’s pretty hard to keep yourself focused on trying to maintain a training regimen to keep yourself in condition for running.  It’s even harder when you start thinking of all the wonderful food that’s going to be laid […]

I’m Drinking Water, But Am I Drinking Enough?

You know, it never fails. For over the past decade, we were always told to drink 8- 8oz. of water each and every day, right? After all, our bodies are made up of over 55% water right? There’s a little difference between men and women, but not enough to matter. Muscle makes up about 75% […]