It’s Not Shorts And Tank Top Weather Anymore!

Being in the middle of October, we relish this time of year. The temps are starting to cool off and for now, depending on where you live, there isn’t any snow or mush, or icy crusts on puddles, at least just not yet. It’s too early right?  Well the humidity is, for the most part […]

Running Is Not A Fair Weather Game

You enjoy getting up early, lacing up your running shoes, doing a few stretches to make sure everything is warm and limber then you head off down the road to your favorite trails. We’ve all been there on those nice mornings when the sun is just starting to lighten the morning skies. Yep, those mornings […]

Not too Popular Topic

Most people who take up running usually do so for a set distance. They have multiple goals in mind, the most common ones are to lose weight, or are determined to get in better overall shape and improve their cardiovascular system. Increase their endurance and did I mention lose weight? Well we all know there […]