I have WHAT?

6/20/2016: The Day the Earth Stood Still (for me). The day my internist called to tell me “It’s bad. Really bad.” Ovarian Cancer. Further testing revealed it to be the worst: stage 4. Meaning it wasn’t just throughout my abdomen and bowels, but it had migrated to lymph nodes around my heart and chest. The […]

Running and Empathy Can Make You Stronger Then You Think YOU Are

What it is. Empathy, has a few objective meanings but one that fits a runner’s state of mind usually means relating life’s objectives or thoughts, and experience by channeling those feelings in an objectively explicit manner. For some, that’s running, running and running some more. Life happens, if you’re breathing, expect things to not always […]

Running On Whole Grains

If you’re a runner, then you’ve come to know the mantra of “Carbing Out” before your events, right? Runners have long practiced the art of carbo-loading (we practically invented it!). And as everyone around us succumbed to carbo-phobia, we smugly ate our way through the breadbasket before every race without worry. But what got lost […]