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How Much Is Too Much?

Am I Running More Than I need? To Train For An Event? These are two pretty good questions that most beginner runners may not have the answer to when they begin to take up the sport of running. And it is a sport, not just a weekend gig, to do something that you can talk […]

Early March & Running, But Unlike The Song, We Don’t Want To Be Slip-Sliding-Away!

Ok, according to the weather geeks, Spring is officially here. At least, meteorology speaking it arrived on March 1st.  But where I like to run, mountain trails and paths that seem to snake in and out of ravines and gullies, old man winter is still pretty much in evidence.  There are still plenty chances of […]

So, Just How Cold Is Too Cold To Go For A Run?

Many serious runners say it’s never too cold to run outside. Experts agree that you can ward off hypothermia and frostbite by covering skin with apparel that wicks moisture and repels rain and snow, and by maintaining a steady pace throughout a run. In normal conditions, keeping your body temperature up, in this way your […]